Anonymous: I know is kind of a week late, but I think Rebecca (the warrior girl) is using a very similar outfit that Red Sonja (a character from Marvel Comics) uses, there are just minor differences. So its not so much as Oda-sensei doing the fanservice, it is more of a shoutout from another work.

mmm yeah it does bare similarities! 

I guess it could be Oda not just giving fanservice but at the same time, that doesn’t change it from being kinda ridiculous ahahah

oh well that’s fine! thx for the info my friend!

  1. saisai-chan said: yeah it’s kinda ridiculous, but you have to remember that the guys are basically in underwear and capes too. it’s all about seeing the contestants and losers bleed, no matter the gender. so it’s somewhat appropriate (at least in-context)
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